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Central Brass Faucets

Central Brass Faucets are high quality, solid cast brass faucets for the kitchen, bath and bar. They are sold as replacement faucets and sold to plumbers through plumbing wholesalers and distributors. Through research we learned that professional plumbers and contractors prefer high quality replacement faucets and parts that are easy to get, easy to install and don’t cause “call-back” problems. We positioned Central Brass as “The Easy Choice”. It worked. In satisfaction survey after survey… Central Brass is always listed in the top tier of preferred replacement faucets because of their proven quality and reliability.
Editors note: When Central Brass turned one hundred they asked us to create a theme for their anniversary celebration. We said, just tell the truth. “In this business, you’ve got to have a heart of brass to last a hundred years.” The campaign was so successful they plan to re-use the theme line for their 200th anniversary!

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