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When Thistledown hired us we didn’t know a thoroughbred from a standard-bred. Neither did most people. And that was the heart of the problem. The average person not only didn’t know the difference between thoroughbred and harness racing…they didn’t know the difference between Thistledown and Northfield Park, Thistledown’s number one competitor. Even though the difference is like night and day. (Thistledown races during the day and Northfield races at night).
The first campaign we created was based on attracting younger, non-racing fans. We switched the emphasis to the entertainment aspect of racing including all the sound, color and motion of the thoroughbreds and introduced the theme, “C’mon out, just for the fun of it.”
IT WORKED! The campaign won an Emmy, a national ADDY, a U.S. Film Festival Award and was written up in Advertising Age. And best of all, the attendance was up 18% the first year. Pretty good results for someone who had only been to a race track once in his life.

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