What We Do


Marketing Communications
Advertising – (Specialty: Television, Radio, Newspaper, Billboard)

  • Media Buying and Placement
  • Sales Promotion
  • Direct Mail
  • Industrial, Retail and Commercial Catalog Development
  • Public Relations/Press Relations/ Press Event Planning and Management
  • Literature Programs
  • Web Site Development: mapping, content development, site programming, launch, performance tracking, auditing

Project Management

We are associated with a broad range of cost-effective, top flight providers of marketing services. As project managers, we provide single source support to assure on-time delivery of projects, within budget. All of our strategic marketing providers have proven, in-depth experience in commercial marketing.
Our Approach…Strategic Marketing Partnerships
In today’s world, the name of the game is cost sensitivity and efficiency. The answer is single source support from our strategic marketing partnerships.
We’re working project managers. When you work with us you get a team of professionals directly involved on a day-to-day basis.
We’re focused on the unique problems of your markets, products and services. Everything we do is designed to fit the plan that helps reach your goal.
We’re prompt… our clients enjoy service that’s free of committees and procedural strings.
We’re cost effective…because we select the best combination of resources and proven providers of marketing services to meet your needs.
We put our clients on the MAP!
We base our communications strategy and direction on factual information. The information we gather ( in many cases from available research) ends up in a simple, easy to understand, single-page document called the Marketing Action Plan -- or (MAP). It’s a great way for everyone to get on the same page. And six months from now, when somebody says, “why did we do that”? You can say, “it’s in the MAP”.
The MAP helps avoid false starts often based on conjecture and anecdotal inputs. The MAP forms the foundation to build sales and profitability for clients through “fact based” strategic planning and objective communications direction; e.g., voice of the customer; customer satisfaction surveys, competitive product/service analysis, and other scientific measures of market performance.

Strategic Partner Services
Electronic Marketing Management

  • Strategic Web Site Mapping and Management
  • E-Commerce: Any process that specifies product, prices product, and ultimately allows the customer to order product by use of an electronic system.
  • E-Communications: Chat rooms, e-mail, electronic direct marketing, electronic newsletters, surveys and registrations are all examples of E-Communications
  • Software Applications and Database Programs: Any software or program that assists in improving communications between a firm and its audience (customers), or helps educate the intended audiences.
  • E-Promotions: These items mimic the traditional promotional programs such as advertising, PR, product launches, sales presentations, etc. all of which are delivered in an electronic format.
  • Presentations: PowerPoint, multi-media and other sales and marketing oriented presentations.

Strategic Marketing Planning

  • Business planning
  • Marketing segmentation
    Marketing Research
         1. Life cycle analysis
         2. Competitive analysis
         3. Sales channel analysis
         4. Risk analysis
         5. Price analysis
  • Brand awareness/recognition analysis
         1. Benchmarking
         2. Customer surveys

Strategic Communications Planning

  • Message development and mapping:
    • Key messages
    • Audience definition
    • Message vehicles (Communications tools: PowerPoint presentations; CD ROMs; Audio; Video; Print; etc.)
    • Call to action and metrics

Project Management Planning & Coordination

  • New product launches
  • Sales support program launches
  • Marketing communications programs
  • Public relations and press briefings special events
  • Technical conferences sales meetings
  • Trade show and exhibits

Industries Served – Retail / Consumer / Business-to-Business

  • Automotive - Retail
  • Bakery – Commercial/ Regional
  • Commercial Banks & Financial Institutions
  • Computer Products
  • Computer Leasing
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Custom Golf Products
  • Fast Food Regional Co-Op Groups
  • Faucet Manufacturer
  • Financial Services
  • Household Cleaning Products
  • Jewelry Manufacturer
  • Metro Park System
  • Real Estate & Golf Course Development
  • Paints and Coatings
  • Racing – Thoroughbred and Harness Racing
  • Regional Shopping Malls (N.E. Ohio and Florida)
  • Residential & Commercial Mortgage Companies
  • Watch Manufacturer

Non-Profits Served:

  • Ronald McDonald House – Annual Golf Tournament
  • The Rosemary Home
  • Fresh Start - Current Vice-President, Treasurer