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The following series of ads were developed as the cover page of Classic's weekly eight-page newspaper sections of price deals. The awesome internal Classic art department put together the rest of the pages with current price deals for their 19 brands. Big job. Big pay-off.

Cover-_0037_Layer 16.jpg
Cover-_0036_big pig - tag on right ear.j

Posters and ads for a really fun Mexican restaurant on Cleveland's east side.

Hola Ads+Posters3.jpg
Hola Ads+Posters2.jpg
Hola Ads+Posters6.jpg
Hola Ads+Posters5.jpg
Hola Ads+Posters4.jpg
Hola Ads+Posters9.jpg

These ads ran in Crain's Cleveland Business on page three for three years. A new ad every week featuring Classic's luxury brands. 

crains #6 valentines ad Lexus 2-9-15_000
crains #5 Compas Ad BMW 2-2-15 r1_000001
crains #8 Search Ad BMW 2-23-15_000001.j
crains #14 Harvard Ad BMW 4-6-15_000001.
crains #12 eclipse ad Lexus 3-23-15_0000
crains #9 Elephant ad Lexus 3-2-15_00000
crains #15 Great Trick ad Lexus 4-13-15_
crains BMW grille for
crains BMW leaf blower
crains campus ad - mazda - 5-11-15_00000
crain's #2 Cute Puppy Lexus Ad-1.jpg
crains #10 CADDY Idea r5-1.jpg
crains #7 beautiful ditto ad CADDY-1.jpg
crains #21 driveway ad Lexus-1.jpg
crains #12 Toy Car ad Lexus r2-1.jpg
crains #29 dictionary ad BMW-1.jpg
crains #24 splash ad Lexus-1.jpg
crains #31 Device ad Caddy-1.jpg
crains #42 Icons Ad Lexus 11-10-14-1.jpg
crains #36 leaf ad Lexus-1.jpg
crains #38 Engine Ad BMW 10-13-1.jpg
crains #40 Booyah Ad Caddy 10-27-1.jpg
Crain's #3 Valentines BMW Ad r6-1.jpg
crains #5 baby ad BMW-1.jpg

Some of the ads that ran in The Akron Beacon Journal for Classic Honda in Streetsboro.

ABJ Honda 0 DUE.jpg
ABJ Honda BABY 4-21-17.jpg
ABJ Honda Memorial Day PRIDE ad.jpg
ABJ Honda Page ST PADDY'S DAY AD.jpg
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